Raspberry Pi 4 updated with USB-C fix

The RPi4 has been updated to fix the USB-C power issues present in the original release. Sounds like they quietly rolled it out late in 2019.

It was a minor issue that probably didn’t impact most users, but it’s nice to see the RPi Foundation take care of it instead of just leaving the flaw alone.


For those in Canada, there is a promotion now (possibly on old stock) at buyapi.ca. They sell a basic kit with the Pi4 + power supply + case + heat sinks for less then buying a board by itself. If you’re in Ottawa, you can pick up for $2 instead of $11 shipping. I just got a Pi4 2GB; not sure what to do with it yet :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s a great price, even with the shipping. The USB-C fix doesn’t really matter if it comes with a decent power supply.

I picked up the 4GB, but I’m also not sure what I’ll do with it. I don’t see a reason to use it for OH when my RPi3 is working just fine.

Thanks for the tip!

Here’s an article telling how to tell whether your Pi4 is the new revision.

@yfaway I received my RPi4 and it looks to be the new version (though I haven’t yet fired it up to check the revision number).