Raspberry Pi, Arduino, MQQT, OpenHAB and HomeKit

I am relatively new to this stuff and would like some guidance and advice on what would be the best way to integrate all of these together. I want to have a server (I think right terminology) running on the raspberry pi with OpenHAB and MQQT which is also bridged into home kit for use with my iPhone. But then have various arduinos around the home doing various thinks like unlock doors, closing curtains and so on.

Also looking for later on to have another raspberry pi connected to both of my amplifiers in my house to use as a remote media server kind of thing. So i can control music that plays on them. I think people use squeezebox? Is there a way to connect this to openHAB and Homekit?

For one, when you go searching for information, it’s “MQTT”, not “MQQT”.

MQTT is very well supported by OH and depending on whether or not your Arduinos are on the network (have you looked into ESP8266?) it is a good choice for those devices as well.

There is talk of getting OH working with HomeKit using HomeBridge. Search the forums for details.

I can’t answer the squeezebox question, though my understanding is squeezebox is a third party device, not something that runs on a Raspberry Pi.

I did know it was MQTT, was a typing error