Raspberry pi booting problem

Hi all . Help please. After turning off the power, the raspberry pi stopped booting. I tried overwriting the backup but it won’t load either. Before that, she worked. Changed the card and installed a clean version of open hub. It is loaded and working. I made a backup of it and also overwrote it, everything works. It turns out that backup copies do not work.

The question is, is it possible to somehow check what might be the problem when booting the system. Because apart from these backups, I don’t have any data from my system. And a lot of things have been done there. Maybe there is some way to retrieve the data from the backup.

The backup was made through the Win32DiskImager program, a complete copy of the memory card was created. I will be grateful for any help.

In all likelihood when it lost power the file system on the SD card became corrupted. It is very important to avoid just yanking the power on these machine as much as possible because if it happens to be writing to the SD card at that time extreme corruption can occur.

I’m not sure what you mean by “overwriting the backup” but unless it was a complete SD card image restoration I’m not sure it would work depending on the nature of the corruption. Though if the backup is itself corrupted for some reason of course that won’t work.

Plug a monitor into the machine and see what it says while it’s booting.

Probably the most straight forward would be to burn the backup image (which is what I assume we are talking about here) to a spare SD card and mount the file system on another running machine that supports ext2 file system (e.g. a Linux Virtual Machine).

In the future, I would recommend that after creating the backup, restore it to an SD card and then use that as your new running SD card. That verifies that your backup is good and working. An untested backup is only slightly better than no backup at all.

Thanks for the answer. I connected the monitor and this is what Raspberry writes.

Can someone tell me what the problem is.

The file system is locked, probably because of a corruption from the power loss. It’s probably a core corruption possibly in the root file tables or the backup was bad. I could not guess whether or not 0 any files are recoverable on these SD cards. If they are so corrupted as to not even be able to open the file system to boot it’s pretty bad.

You shouldn’t have used Windisk Imager it isn’t suited for backup purposes. What you’re seeing now is the effect of an improper backup that has not adapted the partition UUID.
I really keep wondering why people do stuff like this when even the documentation explains you shouldn’t and points you at the proper path to create a recovery SD copy.
Read the docs on auto backup and use the openHABian built-in tools menu 50.

Thanks. I`ll be rty