Raspberry Pi - keeping it cool

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspbery Pi 3
    • OS:Raspbian
    • Java Runtime Environment: Not sure yet
    • openHAB version: Latest

Sorry if the system information is vague I have the Raspberry pi 3 and I’m just thinking about the fact that this doesn’t natively come with a cooler but if I want it to run things like networked lights, being able to start my networked PC etc. it really needs to be always on. As it doesn’t have any native cooling I was wondering how hot it would get, whethe it would be safe to have always-on and what steps could be taken to mitigate it (I know that there are cooling systems available for the Rasp-Pi but I also know that small fans can be noisy).

Are there any other solutions to them being hot or do they run a lot cooler than I’d imagine?

Raspi clocks down automatically when the CPU temp is reaching 80°C.
I have alot of services and rules running, and never had problems.
My RAM is about 50% most of the time and my CPU Temp is about at 45°C.
So don’t worry :slight_smile:
But you can, of course, use a GPIO fan if you want, they’re quite cheap!

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You can monitor the temperature with the systemInfo binding.
The raspberry pi runs up to 80c if my memory serves me right and then the system will shutdown.
I have several of them running all the time without cooling and the warmest one gets is about 45c.

A simple aluminium radiator glue to the processor with heat conductive tape should be more than enough.
The cooling kits for raspberry pis IMHO are just a gimmick unless you plan to overclock the little beast to death.


you can buy a case like this :slight_smile:

I am very happy with it.


Does the fan run all the time, or trigger on/off based on temp?

all the time
it really does bring a lot, so the cpu has 10 degrees less ore more

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Good to know, thanks for sharing.:grinning:

If your interested, you might be able to cycle the fan using a few rules with the GPIO and SystemInfo binding. I assume it’s a 5v fan so a simple transistor circuit may be need to for switching.:smiley:

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Getting a £2 RPi heatsink from ebay is good enough for me most. Fan is overkill IMO. The heatsink plus slowing down the clock is fine.

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Thanks everyone. From what’s said I’ll just go with running my usual Pi setup, if I get worried about the heat at a later date I can always re-case it.