Raspberry Pi Pico Temperature Sensor to openHAB

i have a Raspberry Pi Pico with DHT22 and a Raspberry Pi 4 with openHAB. Now I would like to transmit the data from the Pi Pico to the Raspberry Pi 4 so that I have it in openHAB with a diagram and more. I’m a beginner and I don’t know how to do this. I would also like to switch to a Raspberry Pi Zero. Thanks for your help.

Just to make sure that this understood in the right way.
The Pi Pico has the sensor and each new measurement should be send to OH.
This question is about new measurements not about historic measurements of the Pico ?

What would you like to switch to the Zero ? The OH instance or the sensor or … ?

Yes, i need new measures und the Pi Pico has the sensor. I figured if the Pi Pico doesn’t work, I can use a Pi Zero instead

You install an mqtt client on the picos and you install the mqtt broker on the openHAB server.
Read about mqtt to learn how to configure everything.
You’ll be able to send the data to the server.

In the future read about esp8266 and esp32 with tasmota. It will allow you to use many different sensors together and it already has mqtt so it will be quite easy for you to integrate with openHAB.


It also should be possible to use the REST/API of OH to set a value vi network.

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