Raspberry Pi Screen

Originally posted this on the forum for Home Assistant, but since I’m now a committed member of OpenHAB and have finally finished this piece, seems right to share it here instead.

The aim was to have a display mounted on the wall to host a dashboard. At the time, the Raspberry Pi screen was just released, and it seemed like a great and cost-effective way of doing this. The cables were all internal, but I had trouble figuring out ways to mount a screen effectively.

I purchased a screen case, but this didn’t help. There was no lip around the edge to screw into the wall, or where I could put velcro, etc. I eventually decided to make my own from a piece of MDF. It simply has a rebate to hold the screen, and a lip big enough to stick velcro tabs to (though in future I would like it a bit slimmer).

Works perfectly, and even though I don’t intend on doing it often, means I can quite easily take it off the wall to replace SD cards etc as they start to get faulty. I did need to make a bigger whole in order to make the cables flush, but could rectify this in future by having a much thicker frame and deeper recess (but you can’t see the hole anyway so maybe this is the best way).


what are you running on the pi for your dashboard?

_> nothing yet…

And I’m still thinking what the best thing to use is. It will probably be something using dashing, there’s quite a few I like built off that.

I was looking at ImperiHome the other day, and that actually looks fantastic, however, until Android for Raspberry Pi is a little more stable, I’ll have to think of something else.

Will post some more once whatever dash I use is up and running!

Looking a bit better now! (It’s not as reflective in person).

Also, as I mentioned, I made the frame out of MDF, but I’ve just whipped together a 3D model of it. I want to get it printed in the new year and see what that looks like. Would be so much easier and cost effective! Since I haven’t been able to find anything like this to purchase, thought I might as well share.

I’ve linked the .STL file to my Google Drive, here.

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