Raspberry PI Sense Hat

Hello there,

I’m totaly new to OpenHab and just learn to walk on my feet :wink:
My AVM-FRITZ!DECT 200 works fine and soon I’ll test the Tradfri from IKEA.

I’ve also got the “Sense Hat” for my raspberry pi.
So I’m searching for a solution to bring the information the Sensehat gathers into my Openhab Dashboard.
Is there a “binding” or some other way to display the Sense Hat informations?

Thank you very much in advance!
best wishes

welcome ! :slight_smile:

I don’t think that there is an existing solution (aka binding) to integrate directly the output of the sensors from the Sense Hat in openHAB.

You can take a look here for some ideas on how to proceed:

Hi, thanks alot.

I would love to use the Pi as server and with the Sensor Hat.
But I’m not sure if it is possible to run openhabian and still get the sensor data.

openHABian = Raspbian with a set of extra cool tools that help you to run openHAB, so I shouldn’t worry about it.
It runs everything that you would run on a vanilla Raspbian image. Go for it :slight_smile:

But is there a way to display e.g LXDE and run the openhab server in backround?

Sorry if this is totaly obvious and I just don’t see it :blush:

Absolutely :slight_smile:
You will be able to install any debian package that is made for Raspbian (8 Jessie) (and keep running openHAB as a service in the background with all these cool features that openHABian offers) :vulcan_salute:

Okay,… I have to admit I’m way more noob…

I installed OpenHabian and configured wifi etc. so this works.
When I start the Raspberry it’ll boot until "login"
There I can log into the openhab server but from there I don’t know how to start (or install) LXDE

openHABian is based upon the Raspbian Lite (minimal image based on Debian Jessie = headless without display)
To get a graphical environment, you would need to install several extra packages

You can follow this guide:

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