Raspberry Pi setup from scratch - my readme files

Hi all,

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 set up as a Wifi NAS server and also running OpenHAB. I imagine this is quite a common setup.

During my initiation into the world of Raspberry Pi, I wiped the SD card a few times (various reasons) and started again. I found it quite annoying and confusing to have to flick between different websites to find all the tutorials I needed to set it up every time, so in the end I made some very simple readme files with step-by-step instructions to help me. Does anyone think if I worked on these a bit more to make them readable by everyone, they’d make a useful addition to the OpenHAB documentation? Especially the influxdb/grafana part is very tricky to figure out, and currently the OH documentation doesn’t really say anything about the initial RPi headless setup.
README first boot.txt (2.2 KB)
readme influx grafana.txt (2.4 KB)

Let me know what you think.


Are you aware that openHABian basically provides all of this to you ?


OpenHAbian is the best to use on its own for your home automation dedicated controller.

There is also Getting Started - IOTstack if you want to dockerise your system. Its great if you want to test stuff out on a separate system however I would not recommend running it in production.

Well, yes. But I couldn’t really ever get it to work. Something was always going wrong in the initial setup meaning I couldn’t get on my wifi, or couldn’t access it via SSH, or whatever, so I took the alternative approach of installing a different OS which I knew would work, and then adding openHAB.

Maybe your SD card has a fault?

Why would you say that? It’s working perfectly. The installation process didn’t work and I found an alternative.

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