Raspberry pi time

Dear community,

I want to ask you: is raspberry pi time accurate by time passing. or it needs internet connection to adjust its time?

Any computer clock becomes inaccurate when it’s not being synced to an official source.
Yes to sync via NTP it requires an internet connection.

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is thete other solution without internet?

Maybe with a DCF77 receiver, but that you need to google for.

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what about these solutions, do you have experience on such these items?



Even an RTC module will drift overtime
Why do you need the pi without the internet?
The ntp services are free and you don’t need additional hardware.

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Technically you don’t need the internet connected to the pi. You do need a network connection though to a ntp server. This could be a computer in your local network though.

I don’t mean to be splitting hairs, just want to make sure you knew this info. I was not sure if internet connection(behind a firewall or proxy for exampl) was an issue or all network connections.

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but from where the server will adjust the time if it is not connected to internet.

actually there will be no internet. I think even if I go with other option synology,… this will be same issue ?

I think the only option is GPS, am I right ?

actually there will be not internet. however, is ntp available automatically or needs some configuration ?

ntp, stands for network time protocol
So, no, ntp will not work without internet

I know,

Apart from my first question. For me I did not make any ntp configuration (no ntp binding), and the rpi time is ok (of course there is internet), so in my case rpi from where it brings time ?

From ntp.
Raspian is doing it in the background. It’s already included in the operating system.
But if you disconnect your pi from the net, it’s clock will start to drift over time.

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thanks for your supporting always. so why there is ntp binding

To be able to retrieve time in an “independent” way and set it to items. With the binding you can set different time zones and locales to the time as well. This is handy for OH users who want to keep an eye on remote installations.

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I found this:

You’ll need an internet connection to set it up but your pi should be able to get time from gps

you could Build your own ntp server with a gps module and use that ?
depends on how diy you want to go?