Raspberry PI4 and Razberry zwave

Hello all,
I upgrade from Raspberry PI3 to PI4 and moved the razberry zwave board. I did an installation from scracth and imported the backup. all working but the zwave serial controller appear in status OFFLINE - BRIDGE_OFFLINE. Anybody has the same problem?

I have it working on the rpi 4. If you installed using openhabian you can run the openhabian-config and select to disable bluetooth and add jvm arguments for the card to work. It’s under one of the submenus.

You will also need to edit the zwave controller using paperui or habmin to specify the correct port, for instance /dev/ttyS0.

Regards S

Thank you it worked.

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Somebody knows how to change the serial to the z-way-server too (I use it just to backup my network when I add a z-wave device) now if I stop openhab and start z-way-server manually I got:

[2019-08-20 10:32:29.919] [D] [zway] Opened device: /dev/ttyAMA0
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.919] [D] [zway] Worker thread successfully created
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.919] [D] [zway] Worker thread entry point
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.919] [I] [zway] Adding job: Get controller info and supported function classes
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.929] [D] [zway] SENDING: ( 01 03 00 07 FB )
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.929] [C] [i/o] Serial port write error: (null)
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.929] [E] [zway] Failed to send packet: (null)
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.929] [D] [zway] Worker thread exit point
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.939] [D] [zway] Worker thread successfully finished
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.940] [I] [core] Restarting Z-Wave binding (zway)
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.940] [I] [core] Error: Binding with name ‘zway’ already exists
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.941] [I] [core] Trying to restart Z-Wave binding (zway) in 10 seconds
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.951] [I] [zway] SaveData will not save data since it wasn’t loaded. This is to prevent data loss.
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.951] [C] [zway] Get Serial API Capabilities returned zero.
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.960] [I] [core] Error: Bad data - communication failed
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.961] [I] [core] Tried 5 times without success. Stopping tries.
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.965] [I] [core] Notification: critical (z-wave): Cannot start Z-Wave binding: Error: Bad data - communication failed

I think because z-way-server check on the ttyAMA0 port instead of ttyS0

I have not tried zway myself in a long time. I know they are behind on raspian releases. If it’s just a matter of port, you should be able to create a symlink that points from ttyS0 to ttyAMA0.
You will not be able to have oh and zway started at the same time.

Regards S

hi, i try to zetup the razberry cart on a rpi4 , but what is “add jvm arguments for the card to work” ? thanks for helping me

For anyone who is interested, I wanted to use both the Razberry and the bluetooth module for the mi flora plant sensors on my Rpi 4 and this is in fact possible.

Enable Use of Razberry and Bluetooth module on Raspberry Pi 4 at the same time

Youre doing everything at your own risk, make a full sd backup before applying these changes!

First thing to do is to ‘disable’ the serial port and the bluetooth module in the openhab configuration tool:
sudo openhabian-config
Navigate to

  1. 30 System Settings
  2. 35 Serial Ports
    Select both entries with SPACE bar, should look as follows:

Select Ok and let the configuration tool do its thing (I think even a restart is required).

After that enter
sudo nano /boot/config.txt
(or use another editor of your choice)
add or edit the following entries:


Save, exit and reboot the Rpi4. Then your bluetooth module should be working together with your Razberry.

Further information can be found here: Wiki entry (German)

Hope this works for you the same as it did for me

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Is anyone willing to help with putting that to work in openHABian please ?
See https://github.com/openhab/openhabian/issues/863#issuecomment-711073456