Raspberry Power supply

I have RPi3 with OH2. Can I connect power supply without micro USB directly to 5V and GND pins?

Possible but not recommended. The Pi is designed to receive power from the USB port and provides some over current and polarity protection. Connecting power elsewhere defeats these safeguards.

I do connect my rpi directly to 5v on the GPIO, my powersupply is a hacked computer PSU and provides steady 5V. This allows me to use cables to my gpio screw terminal shield which makes a much cleaner setup instead of having an extra usb cable hanging around. The 5v lines goes through a switch connected to normally close so that my GF can just press a button if the RPI crashes to reboot it. Has been working for me this way for the last 3 years or so…

Like I said, it’s possible. However, anybody who is asking about it on the openHAB forum probably doesn’t have the technical skills to be sure they did it right, hence my advice to follow the recommendation and use the Micro USB port.

This article contains details about the different ways to power your Pi.


There is a POE HAT for the Pi out there too, which might be something to consider if you don’t want loose cables.

Another option that I personally have is a Bitscope Pi dual blade. These can be bought from Element14.
This can basically be thought of as a power supply motherboard. The blades can contain 1, 2 or 4 Pi boards and has one 12vdc connector.
I use one Pi for my network DHCP, DNS, MQTT Server etc. The other Pi is purely for OH.

Thanks for answear. I tested power supply using 5V and GND pin,thats work fine,but I need can using it permanently, it is possible?