RaspberryMatic ( on RPi 3 - after Update in openHAB "HmIP-WTH-2" showing always 0.00 but is online

dear community,

i have now updated my raspberry pi 3 with raspberry matic to current version. since that (or earlier) no updates coming from some HmIP-WTH-2 in openhab.

i have checked all other sensors. these seems to work.

in the ccu interface the values all correct from the sensor but in open habnot.

in ccu:

can anybody helps me how i can force the sensors to reconnect? i have this issue from 8 sensors on 3.

thank you so much many greets markus

Dear community,

i have restored from old backup before my homematic. all seems to work but the temperature sensors not.
via xml api i got also the currentl values. only openhab dont get the values.

can anybody helps me how i can do a resync or similar?

i have done a firmware update on the temperature sensors + the homeatic bridge.
now in openhab the “displayed version” from homematic = the old one, not the new one.

how can i fix my problem?

thank you so much

Hi Markus,

please give us some more information about your OH installation like exact version, on what kind of machine it is installed (docker container, nas, raspi …).

Normally, the OH binding registers itself as receiver of update events and the CCU sends an event for each temperature change. This means that on the OH side, the ports used for the events must not be blocked by a firewall. If OH is running within a docker container additional configuration may be necessary.

Are the values updated if you stop and restart the HM Bridge thing in OH? If you restart the thing the binding requests the values explicitly from the CCU.

I MHerbst,

i have fixed the issue. i have checked the logfile and got some “rrd4j errors” in log. now i have done “fix permissions” via openhabian-config, and removed the old not working files. now it seems all working fine.

i will keep u updated when anything is not working well.

thank you

Thanks for the feedback. Interesting to know that rrd4j errors can cause problems like these.