Raspi system root to ssd

I saw there are some really cheap SSDs available for the Raspi so i got one for my OH2 server and an USB interface for an old SSD i had laying around so now the homematic piVCCU server runs off SSD as well. Here’s my shopping list, in case you plan to move off sd-card too, it’s highly recommended:


It’s a good idea to move of ssd. I also added an ssd after having 2 corrupt sdcards. I just bought a very cheap ssd and adapter to check if that works. So far it’s been running for several months:

Here is my list:



And a short usb cable to connect the adapter with the raspberry pi.


The Raspberry Pi doesn’t have a built-in interface for HD other than USB. Therefore the form factor of an SSD or any storage device is IMHO not that important.
If it’s solely on avoiden data loss of SD Cards - you should go for a device which offers that. SD Cards and SSDs (and USB Sticks) share some basic functionality:

So, if you’ll go on non-rotating HD (SSD) - have a look on the SLC (pricier!) ones - or use a bigger volume to decrease the chance of overwriting the same bit on the SSD over and over again.

I personally switched to an 5400rpm HD (yes, that good old fashioned HD), it’s 160GB and was 20 Bucks - together with a USB3 housing. (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B06WVCXQNS/).

There’s a guide here in the forum on how to “move root to SSD/USB”, and it works fine with the older Pis. The newer ones already have built-in boot-Option from USB (and PXE), which don’t even need an SD Card present:

PS: answer was accidentially posted here. Should have gone here: What kind of SSD for Raspberry Pi when using persistence? Sata, mSata or m.2?

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How does the SSD hold in the case?

What is the case that you are using for the PI?
Is the SSD also in the case? It looks like if you attach the SSD then you can’t use the complete case anymore? Will that cause problems with dust and dirt?
Is it your first TCSUNBOW ssd?

the SSD is tucked away in the cover. The middle part of the case cover is a little higher where the ssd fits. On the image you can see a white light shine through the cover. That’s from the SSD.

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