RasPi + Z-Stick + Wink

I have been Googling for hours but I can’t seem to get an idea on how to set up OpenHAB w/ a Z-Stick and have the OpenHAB server run as a secondary controller to a Wink system. Does anyone have any experience with using OpenHAB + Z-Stick as a secondary controller to an existing ZWave setup?

Err, I don’t think that even if you get it to work, it’ll do what you want.
A secondary zwave controller is a backup network access tool, but not supposed to be a second full-size control entity.
openHAB and Wink hub both are supposed to be ‘the’ control master in a home automation network, but there can be only one - you can’t really have them both do it. For example, devices will have their lifeline association configured to send to the primary controller only, probably Wink in your case. So all you could achieve is to have openHAB act as a keyfob or scene controller, but devices won’t report to it. That’s severely limiting what you can do with it, so why would you want to do that?
Better way is probably to exclude your zwave devices from the Wink hub, include it to the Z-stick, and control them directly from within openHAB. Then ‘degrade’ your Wink hub to become a gateway to control non-zwave devices that you have on the hub. I’ve never tried doing that, but here’s a link you can try.

@mstormi Thanks for your reply. I am trying to find a solution to extend some of the limited features of Wink. So far, I like the lighting, thermostat, and sensor controls, but having multiple conditionals in “Robots” is not something I can do.

I think a ton of people on the internet have touched on the same feelings I have. Smart Things, Wink, etc all have their shortcomings and there is no standard way to glue and extend ZWave and Zigbee devices with these solutions.

For example, one scenario I am interested in is setting up a script that initiates a SIP call and blasts a prerecorded message if an “Away” variable is set AND a door sensor is tripped. So far, there is no way to make “Robots” in Wink respond to a set variable like setting the system to away or home. This concept of setting an away/home variable/flag does not exist at all in Wink.

A few years ago I had a Simon XT system that was connected to Alarm.com. It worked pretty well but was expensive and did not have nearly the compatibility with other devices as Smart Things or Wink.

I don’t have and hard defined goals per se, but I am interested in extending the feature set of Wink -or- extending the Zwave features of HomeHAB with Wink.

I know nobody likes to dump pieces of work that he has spent money and time on, but the more consequent way to go would be to dump the Wink hub and move to openHAB instead.
If you want to have more flexibility now and since you say for your yourself you don’t have a hard defined goal yet, openHAB for sure is a better choice than Wink, SmartThings or any other commercial alternative. That’s because a) it comes with so many bindings to work with so many more existing devices and even (sub)systems on the market, and b) because the rule scripting language gives you the full programming control you’re looking for.