RATGDO 3d printed case v2.53i

I designed a 3d printable mounting box for the RATGDO Wi-if enabled garage door opener designed by Paul Weiland (ORDER | ratgdo). The mounting box has only been tested to fit on version 2.53i. You can view the finished part and download the .STL files here…enjoy!

Thanks for doing this. I may have to print one. Have you seen any decrease in range or any wifi connection issues since putting it in the case?

Hello there! Thanks for the interest. I’ve got myself a dedicated WiFi extender in my garage so I don’t have an issue but like I say the extender is 10 feet away. I originally designed the holes in the case to be open for that very reason (the antenna is directly behind the holes. I actually think I like the look better without the press-in lenses. Let me know if you do end up printing one and have any issues with signal strength. I can say that I have a few of those Anavi WiFi thermometers around the house and outside. They have the same esp8266 board and antenna in them. I installed them in preformed PET and ABS cases I bought from Amazon. I haven’t had any issues connecting to them. One is in my basement and pretty far from my closest extender. Good luck to you :slight_smile:

Found this link about WiFi and ABS. Per the article ABS does not impede WiFi signals.

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