Raw backup command with rules or sh

Hello, via “openhabian_config” we now have more of “Amanda” a “raw” backup system, the latter is done at regular interval? or can you call it with a “rules” or a “sh” script with a cron? I can’t find any info on the subject, does anyone know more?
thank you !

Go read the docs, please.

Thank you, I have been using Amanda for a long time, my question was actually about the backup to SD card function implemented recently with openhabian-config we can launch it through the backup menu, we select the target SD card and it makes a full copy of the card, but does it regularly continue to do so? is it doing incremental updates on the SD card? can we call this command? thanks for your help

what “backup to SD card function” do you mean ? Which Menu option number ? If you have spare space on SD, Amanda can be configured to use it, but that’s not a separate function just a specific storage area.

I believe, you’re talking about the auto backup:

it is doing it on a regular basis, check your system timers there should be something like this:

it’s all in the docs:

Full mirroring will take place semiannually and for the 2nd partition (Linux root), changes will be synced once every day. See systemctl list-timers , timers are defined in /etc/systemd/system/sd*.timer .

Yes thats exactly it ! I haven’t seen anything on the documentation, probably up to date since my last visit, thank you very much!

So for what i read:

  • full all partition is 2 time year (my path : /etc/systemd/system/sdrawcopy.time)
  • root partition is every day @ specific time (mine is 02:00 ) (my path : /etc/systemd/system/sdrsync.timer)