Razberry - Bridge offline after firmware update

Yesterday, I did a firmware update of my Razberry zWave board.
It was from V5.00 to 5.16 (via 5.04). It made it with the z-way-server. With this program I got communication to the devices.

Later I started openHAB (2.5.4) but the controller didn’t come online.The log of the initialisation is attached.
zwave.log (40.0 KB)

Any hints what to do? Should I remove the Node-xml-files?

I am not an expert in this but at the beginning of your log the controller was recognized properly.
Have you stopped Z-Way before starting OH?

Yes, Z-way was stopped.

Now I have stopped the whole PI and unplugged it from power.
After the next start the RaZberry board was online, again.

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