Razberry.z-wave or Samsung Smartthings

I just wonder to buy this : https://razberry.z-wave.me/index.php?id=24 or Samsung smartthings.

What is the best device,easiest solutions? I am totally new, but working with IT. Not a coder but understanding software and hardware. Can i use all the z wave device on smartthings? And it is easy to configure the razberry z wave device?

Thanks for answer.

For me it was a matter of cost and functionality, a Pi3 is a quad core machine with 4 USB ports, so adding things is easier, not just home automation, IMHO.

I looked at smartthings, it does everything out of the box, which is appealing, but AFAIK you cannot install anything else to it, media servers, etc.

That being said, I cannot lie and say openhab on a pi isn’t a pain to get running, it is. I used the rasbian image which doesn’t come with the latest java, which you will need, and there is also a lot of fiddling around with directory permissions and configuration files, at least in my case. Once you spend 2 days pulling your hair out and reading endless posts about the ‘right way’ and addressing all your problems, it does and will work like a charm, but you might be off put by the journey.

Openhab may well exceed the capabilities of any other smart-home boxed solution, due to it being expandable in a more freely manner, and the support is great, largely due to some great developers and community members. It’s improving all the time.

I guess it’s all about how much effort you are willing to invest.

All I’ll say is there are a lot of people who migrate from SmartThings to oh. I don’t think there is a binding for SmartThings and I don’t know how good the API for SmartThings is.

I would choose the razberry and the zway binding it the ZWave binding.

And to address @psych’s issues, there is a ready made image and configuration script called openHABian that will set you up with a known good raspberry pi OH 2 configuration. You will only have to bang your head against OH specific configs.

I just tried out Z-way and ended up going back to my Aeotec. The Z-way stack didn’t fully support locks so I felt that I was better off just going with a pure Zwave implementation and avoid the extra overhead of Z-way for no additional benefit.

Just my $.02 worth.

Thanks for the good input. And thanks for the information @rlkoshak .

Does the smartthings z wave or zigbee support both?

I am not familiar with z wave and zigbee? But i heard that the z wave support more devices? So then i need a z wave device (module) for the rasberry pi.

I have no idea what SmartThings supports.

ZWave has more variety of devices but I can’t say which has more devices over all. Most of your brand name technologies like Phillips Hue and Ikea’s new line are Zigbee.

In either case you will need to get a controller for each one.

I’ve only ever used ZWave.

@Torgeir_Rimeslatten Also realize that Smarthings is a full home automation hub that “competes” with OpenHAB. All you really need is a USB stick like - https://aeotec.com/z-wave-usb-stick

Even Z-Way is meant to work as much as a standalone system. I actually tested it here recently to switch off my Aeotec but decided the ability to pull the Aeotec off my RPi and walk it to devices was worth the lack of clean form factor. Plus I was having some range issues with the Z-Way but that just might have been my house.

Here is a discussion of a combo device if you decided you wanted to go the combined ZWave/ZigBee route -


Thanks for information rgerrans . If i understand i correct. I can use smartthings. But i have to setup Rasberry pi or pc with OpenHAB and the USB stick. Or can i use a pc with OpenHAB and USB (Aeotec ) stick only? . I am a newbie at this.

If you use Smartthings you could run it w/o OpenHAB. The other option is to run OpenHAB on a pi or Windows (I run mine on a pi) with a USB stick or a Zway module on a pi. Pi w/ case plus zwave = ~$100.

Thanks for info. I aslo lock at https://domoticz.com and https://home-assistant.io . Is the OpenHAB the best solution? What are the different?

Asking whether OH is the best on an OH forum is only going to lead to one answer.

All I can say is lots of people are migrating from domoticz to OH.

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