Razberry Z-way and openhab binding

Hello, openhabers!

I have razberry daughter board, running on pi2. Openhab1 looks good, I am using z-wave binding on ttyAMA0 port. However, openhab’s z-wave binding has two problems that I can see:

  1. My z-wave switches don’t reliably update status back to OH when I flip them manually
  2. Keypad locks and security class not supported whatsoever. I have three Kwikset z-wave locks, which are useless.

Statuses and Lock problem solved in z-way software for razberry board.


My dream is if openhab in future had a z-way binding to be used with native z-wave stack of razberry? Benefits are described in this wonderful article I found

Trouble in Z-Wave paradise: Decoupling Z-Wave from Openhab via MQTT

I am thinking I should try this solution, but I doubt I’ll have enough knowledge to follow this article.
It would be nice if openhab could support z-way stack via a binding to avoid using MQQT and bunch of other difficult to understand stuff.

Please, if anybody knows, can you point me in a direction of easier way to make openhab to work with z-way software rather than using half-implemented z-wave binding?

Thank you!

About five minutes of Googling (meaning I may have missed something) indicates that Z-Way has several APIs that can potentially be accessed from openHAB. So a binding seems like it would be possible, but it will require someone to purchase a z-way and implement it. I seriously doubt that will be easier than following that article.