Razberry zwave module migration

I have openhabian 2.3 on raspberry pi3 and razperry zwave module with 23 devices registered (Fibaro modules) all working good, but I have 2 questions:

  • Can I Update to the last openhab stable distribution without lost all my configuration?
  • More important question: if I change my raspberry (for example to get the new raspberry 4) and razperry module is compatible and I put it in the new raspberry, configuration will stay or I have to reset all the 23 devices registered?

I ask this because as I know the razperry once is associated with a device, the configuration stay INSIDE the raZberry zwave module? is it right?

Thank you

You have a wrong understanding of “configuration”.
The devices are stored in the controller. That’ll remain when you move that to another server so you won’t have to include them again.
But most of what you call “configuration” is stored in openHAB. You can export/re-import that (openhab-cli backup) but since you want to move from 2.3 you need to delete and re-create all your things. The README has a pointer to a forum post to describe what you need to do.
I suggest you go straight to 2.5M1.

Yes sorry I’m quite new of this, because everything worked from the starting, and never changed it so I had fear to change all because I control all with my openhab via raspberry.
Thank you I will do it