Re-Flashing Magic Home WiFi LED Controller?

Has anyone re-flashed the WIFI LED COntroller from Magic Home? link below.

I have been playing with this controller over the weekend and I am not happy with it’s performance through the existing Bindings and Things.

It doesn’t respond quickly, Doesn’t have as much control as I would like . And the Binding Documentation is a little lacking. I would love to know if anyone has re-flashed these and what/ How you have it setup.


Doesn’t help you right now with this product, but I’m using the H801 you can find on e.g. ebay together with espeasy / MQTT. Works like a charm.

I’m not apposed to ordering another device. What binding / how do you have that programmed?

I’d like to have a slow fade between colors, The color wheel option, several standard choices, and a audio mode so that it will flash to the beat of the music. Maybe use the nearest tablet for the source. and the standard on/off switch and a brightness dimmer.

Any help would be great I have been really struggling as things I have bought dont seem to easily integrate as I thought. And has just been frustrating.


It’s plain MQTT, so that’s the only binding needed. It does everything on your list, besides the audio mode. You can read more on the solution here: But as I said, it does not solve the issues you have with the current product, it was just meant as an alternative)

Hi there, i also have about 5 of the magic home controllers. what bindings did you use to operate them via openhab. i like the magic home units as you can link them all together and set timers and the like so dont really want to change them out. had them for 3 yr now with no issues. would be good to link them to openhab



as it’s been a while I don’t remember what binding I had the standard LED RGB driver I believe. however mine wasn’t working at all. When I put a color in via the picker it would turn on to the desired color however would not turn off. no matter what I did. Either a error with the binding or code not sure. I’m still learning how to read and write code.

I am in the process of building my own unit from a arduino nano and a ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield. I am having issues finding all the correct code tho.

Once I can get working code then I’ll let you know.

What wifi mcu? If Esp8266 or Esp8285 Tasmota will work.

Hard Cabling I’m running these from POE network switch. I have a adapter inline on the CAT6 cable pulls 48V down to 12V. Then I have a custom built PCB with 12v-5V regulator and I feed 5v to Arduino Nano & ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield. I am then driving logic level Mosfett to drive the 12V ribbon cable.

All runs on MQTT services so I’ll just need the MQTT commands to be sent from Openhab.

I can consolidate all the power plugs to a single network switch. plus I wired 90% of my homes rooms with 3 cat6 cables for this purpose.

I am having it working through WiFi LED Binding in the openhab bindings