React to an incoming WhatsApp Message

Hello there,
I was not sure if this post was right on this forum, but I think this might be interesting to other users too, so here we go:

I am looking for a way to react to a WhatsApp message, maybe triggering an event (saying something on an audio sink). I think this might be possible through tasker and auto notification, but I have not managed yet to figure out how to achieve this.
Does anyone here use such a functionality?
It would basically be enough to trigger it when there is any new message to this group, no matter what the content is.

Thanks for any help/advice!

It light be possible with tasker (did not use it in ages) to maybe trigger an openhab item (switch) and then continue with a rule.

Another option you might want to look into is telegram, as it offers you conversation style question answers with controlling openhab.

yep, been thinking about this too, but it is not possible. The thing is: that is the group for informing voluntary paramedics of a new pending job. Don’t think they will move to telegram for my smart home ideas :cry:

Yes, I have this working on tasker. I made a profile that responds to a notification from WhatsApp. However, the question is are you using android or iPhone.

I’m on android. Tried to indicate by the tag, but could have included it in my post. :sweat_smile:
How do you do that? AutoNotification and get the profile from whenever a message in that group comes in?

I created an profile that listens for a event. The event is a notification from WhatsApp.

Click the plus sign on tasker to create the profile
Click create
Click event
Click ui
Click notification
Select WhatsApp as owner
Click arrow back
You can now further refine what notifications tasker will react to, but I don’t use them.
Click arrow back

Now tasker will ask you what task you want to run. If you have openhab android app installed on your phone, creating a task that interacts with openhab is easy. If you don’t you can find solutions on this forum.

Ok, actually I think I got it working.
I did it via AutoNotification, as it has the ability to use a regex to ignore the name/number of the person sending the message.
I use the intercept notification option in the plugin AutoNotification. Then I fill it with a notification from that group. However, under notification title, I delete everything except the real title and add a * behind it, so every notification title that starts with this string is selected. This seems to work.
I then just select, again under plugins, the openhab, change item, and pull a switch to on, which in turn triggers a rule, which switches the switch back off. I will try to give some information on how reliable this works.

(This requires the full version of AutoNotification, which costs about 3€)