Reaction times part 2

Ok, it’s a few days since I installed OpenHAB and started moving all my devices over from SmartThings.

I’m running on a Pi 4 with an Xbee stick using the Zigbee binding. The reaction time when I look at the log is fast so it’s not the amount of time it takes for the interface to “see” my request and process it. But the reaction times of the devices is mostly woeful and very inconsistent. I get the command and the reply in the log saying that the device has changed from off to on, or whatever, but it can take anything up to 20s for the device to actually come on - particularly annoying when it’s a light on a motion sensor. I’ve got devices all over the place now. Initially, I thought it was just that the one device I had might be at the limits in terms of distance. But I now have around 20 devices. The closest is about 2m from the Pi and there are no big gaps so the network should be pretty robust.

With SmartThings, it was pretty much instantaneous but I wanted local control.

Any ideas on what I should look at next?

Sounds like a problem with your XBee stick sending to the devices, since the reports are coming in fine and OH is processing them properly. I’m not sure if this will help, but maybe try debugging? Instructions are at the bottom of the Zigbee documentation.

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