Read Data using HTTP Binding

Hello Community.

I am using the HTTP Binding on openHAB 3.3.0 on a raspberry pi to read data from a heater.
I am reading the water temperature from this set of data:

getval.txt (2.7 KB)

I do this with this things settings:

Now I would like to read the data “PROTECTION_TEMP” from Block “LEGIONELLA_PROTECTION_SETTINGS” in this set of data:
fullstatus.txt (11.8 KB)

I cannto figure out how to get this value. Can anybody help me to get this value out of this dataset?

Are you trying to read askoma? :wink: I ask cause once I created binding which I could not finish. I keep code up to date with recent OH releases but never published it for further testing by community.

I am reading and writing askoma heater, yes. Now I want to read some more values.
getval.json works fine, but does not hold the value I am looking for.

You need to change state extension to full status and adjust json path. For testing path expression you can try, which will show you more or less what expression will return with provided data.
In principle reading nested objects requires giving them in path, for example $.parent.child will first look for parent and then child within this parent element. For fullstatus you just need to glue paths - $.LEGIONELLA_PROTECTION_SETTINGS.specific_field_within_block.

Thank you very much. That works perfectly.