Read google calendar events from rule


I would like to read google calendar events and react to this from an openhab rule.

The use case would be to have each morning a TTS telling me if i have any early meetings (which happen from time to time). The TTS will work fine (through sonos devices) but i really don’t see how i could read my calendar (.ics or whatever) directly from the rule.

I’ve seen this other topic but i would like to keep things as simple as possible (without external programs if possible) : Simple Python script that reads Google Calendar and updates OH items with event information

You could probably use the CalDav Binding to interact with Calendars.

I have already configured Items to a Google Calendar event with it, but didn’t dig deeper into CalDav unfortunately.
Anyway it seems that there are some problems occuring with Google Calendars.
I have seen some threads here and have authorization problems too when i look at the logs.

Take a look at the CalDav Documentation here
and here

Long story short:
CalDav could be an option for you, but I can guarantee nothing in connection with a Google calendar.

When the python script is working fine and it’s easier to setup, I would say that it’s the maybe more comfortable approach to use.