Read ical description or location

Hello I’m Axel and I’m using openhab 3 since a few weeks.
I found some tutorials about the iCalendar binding and i made my first widget for my garbage calendar.
We have some dates for special garbage collection (like oil, colors …) but they are at one day on different locations.

Is it possible to read the location-property or the description property of the ical element?

thx for your help.

Hi Axel and welcome to the community!

Take a look on the EventFilter and it‘s parameters. There is a Textfilter setting (textEventField/textEventValue) that can match predefined strings.

There is currently no channel implemented showing extra fields, sorry.

PS. The right section in that case would be „Beginners“ as this is not a tutorial or example.

Hi Michael, thx for the quick response.
I’ve changed the topic to beginners :wink:

I read from the filters before, but i don’t want to filters the entries, my intention is to show different locations of the different collection dates.

And the i hoped i could use the description in my birthday-calendar to calculate the age.

Cheers Axel

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