Read local xml file

Hello everyone

Im new on openhab and im struggling on how can a read an xml file stored on openhabian, i have a software who ask for temperature status of different areas, this data is parsed and stored on /home/openhabian/Server/status.xml.

i will parse this data using xpath to an Number Item and update it each minute but i cant find a way to read files on local filesystem

can someone give a clue to achieve that


Is there any way to modify the software to use something a little more friendly? The best would be to have it publish the data instead of saving it to an XML file.

To get the data from the file your best bet is probably to use the Exec binding with

cat /home/openhabian/Server/status.xml

as the script and your desired XPath transform.

Hello Rick, thank you for the quick response

sadly for the moment i cant change it, but thats the final objective to use Openhab. Sensors uses a tricky udp protocol that im still figuring out how works.

for the moment i will try your suggestion