Read openhab sensor value using Google Home and OpenHAB Cloud Connector

I have a question and maybe proposal for OpenHAB Cloud Connector. Currently it can manage with lights, switches, thermostat, but according to documentation ( it cannot play with sensors.

It will be reasonable to add new tag sensor to manage dozens of sensors visible in our OpenHAB installations (humidity, temperature, voltage, light, pressure, etc.)

For example:

Number GF_FamilyRoom_Outdoor_Humidity_Sensor "Outdoor humidity [%.1f%%]" <humidity> (gSensorTemperature, gPersistenceSensor) ["Sensor"]
Number GF_FamilyRoom_Pressure_Sensor "Outdoor pressure [%.1fhPa]" <pressure> (gSensorTemperature, gPersistenceSensor) ["Sensor"]


It would be very generic and just read value. So conversation may be as follows:

- OK Google, what is the <label>?
- Current value of <label> is now <value>.

In more sophisticated implementation the second argument would be unit, i.e. Celsius, Volt, Lumen, Percent, Pascal, etc. Just read in conversation.

Is this possible now (I cannot find it) or can it be implemented as a valuable openhab enhancement?

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Humidity already work. Use the [“CurrentHumidty”] in the Termostat group, and you can ask Google, “Hey Google, whats the Humidity in room”.

The tags used and what tags are supported is dictated by Google. We have very limited influence over them.

Also see here for the full list of OH supported tags.

Thank you for your answers. Hope in the future Google opens their API and it will be able to implement this kind of functionality.