Read-out simulated switch on a smartthings hub with OH3

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: DOCKER
    • openHAB version: OH3
  • Issue of the topic: My goal is to open my garade door with the new samsung SmartTag. I bought a SmartThings hub V3 to reach this goal. I created a simulated switch variable for my hub on the website with is changable from my SmartTag. After that i installed the smartthings binding and add the smartthings hub. This allready works fine. I try to add the simulated switch variable as things and as item, but OH doesn’t recognize the state of the variable. May be in couse of a syntax failure?
  • Please post configurations (if applicable):
    This is my variable i created on the samsung website:

    This is my things configuration:
Bridge smartthings:smartthings:Home    [ smartthingsIp="", smartthingsPort=39500 ] {
    Thing switch            GARAGE     [ smartthingsName="GARAGE", smartthingsTimeout=7]
  • Items configuration related to the issue
    This is my items config:
Switch  GARAGE          "GARAGE"    <switch>                    { channel="smartthings:switch:Home:GARAGE:switch" }
  • Sitemap configuration related to the issue
    My related sitemap test
Frame label="Test" {
        Setpoint item=HM_BA_FT_Fenster_TSet step=0.5 minValue=4.5 maxValue=30.5 label="Temp. [%.1f °C]"
        Switch item=OH_HM_BA_FT_Fenster label="Mode" mappings=[auto="Auto",manu="Manu.",party="Urlaub",boost="Boost"]
        Switch item=HM_RF50_short label="Garagentor" mappings=[ON="Click"]
        Text item=HM_GA_TS_Tor
        Switch item=GARAGE label="Switch"
  • Rules code related to the issue
    No rule configured jet.

The items seems to be active, but it isn’t:

When i creteated the item the value is NULL (here i changed it manualy from). The value would not be received from the variable! Have you any idea to fix it?

King regards

When possible, please post text configs and messages as text (in code fences) rather than as screenshots. It’s not searchable, we can’t easily highlight issues, it’s illegible to phone readers; you just reduce the help you can get.

Use your UI to look at your Thing status - is that online?
What channels does it offer?
Do any of them match the type of your Item, and especially does the ID match what you put in your Item channel config?
Have a lookin your inbox, has smartthings binding discovered anything that you did not expect?

Thx for your reply.

So, the status of the things is online Hub and Switch:

The Hub offers no channels:

The Switch offers only one channel, and this is linked to my item:

The inbox doesn’t offer any item for this binding. Even if i remove the switch, it will not be shown.

May the this is a problem with the hub?

In my case this is a V3 Hub. I have no experiency with a Smartthings Hub. May be all things have to be added manually with the smartthings binding?

Also the Hub itself can’t be found with a scan:

I have to add it manualy, too.


I’m so sorry.


I followed a post from BobRak with witch discribes that OH 3.1 is nessesary that autodiscover works witch smartthings again.

OH3 Smartthings Add-on Discovery not working - Development / Add-ons - openHAB Community

Within this post i seen that a specific SmartApp and Device Handler has to be deployed for the openhab integration with smartthings.

OpenHAB-Smartthings/ at master · BobRak/OpenHAB-Smartthings · GitHub

After these steps autodiscovery works and my virtual switch works to.

Now i can control a variable throug my SmartTag. This is realy nice. Now longer using my Homematic remotes.

Thank you for your assistance.


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I’m trying to get a v3 Smartthings hub working with Openhab 3.1.I believe I’ve followed the instructions correctly, but autodiscover isn’t working, and if I manually define things in a things file, nothing happens when I try and operating my things.

My things file is:

Bridge smartthings:smartthings:Home    [ smartthingsIp="", smartthingsPort=39500 ] {
    Thing switch                   KitchenLight             [ smartthingsName="Kitchen", smartthingsTimeout=7 ]
    Thing switch                   FamilyRoomLight          [ smartthingsName="Lounge Light", smartthingsTimeout=7 ]
    Thing switch                   MasterBedroomLight       [ smartthingsName="Living Room", smartthingsTimeout=7 ]

I get things like the following in openhab.log:

2021-11-20 16:12:02.614 [DEBUG] [s.internal.SmartthingsHandlerFactory] - SmartthingsHandlerFactory created BridgeHandler for smartthings:smartthings
2021-11-20 16:12:02.630 [DEBUG] [s.internal.SmartthingsHandlerFactory] - SmartthingsHandlerFactory created ThingHandler for Kitchen, smartthings:switch:Home:KitchenLight
2021-11-20 16:12:02.648 [DEBUG] [s.internal.SmartthingsHandlerFactory] - SmartthingsHandlerFactory created ThingHandler for Lounge Light, smartthings:switch:Home:FamilyRoomLight
2021-11-20 16:12:02.662 [DEBUG] [s.internal.SmartthingsHandlerFactory] - SmartthingsHandlerFactory created ThingHandler for Living Room, smartthings:switch:Home:MasterBedroomLight
2021-11-20 16:12:17.473 [WARN ] [iscovery.SmartthingsDiscoveryService] - Attempt to send command to the Smartthings hub failed with: Total timeout 5000 ms elapsed
2021-11-20 16:22:22.479 [WARN ] [iscovery.SmartthingsDiscoveryService] - Attempt to send command to the Smartthings hub failed with: Total timeout 5000 ms elapsed
2021-11-20 16:30:57.962 [DEBUG] [s.internal.SmartthingsHandlerFactory] - Sent message "{"capabilityKey": "switch", "deviceDisplayName": "Kitchen", "capabilityAttribute": "switch", "value": "on"}" with path "/update" to the Smartthings hub, received HTTP status 202 (This is the normal code from Smartthings)
2021-11-20 16:31:03.390 [DEBUG] [s.internal.SmartthingsHandlerFactory] - Sent message "{"capabilityKey": "switch", "deviceDisplayName": "Kitchen", "capabilityAttribute": "switch", "openHabStartTime": 1637388062386}" with path "/state" to the Smartthings hub, received HTTP status 202 (This is the normal code from Smartthings)
2021-11-20 16:32:27.484 [WARN ] [iscovery.SmartthingsDiscoveryService] - Attempt to send command to the Smartthings hub failed with: Total timeout 5000 ms elapsed

Any thoughts?

OK - I think I resolved this.

My openhab server has both a LAN and WIFI connection. I typically access the server using the WIFI connection - so that is the IP and MAC address I used.

As soon as I changed it to the Ethernet connection, things started working. The Ethernet connection is via an ‘Ethernet over Power’ adapter - so I tend to consider it a backup connection to the Wifi.

Hopefully this might help someone :slight_smile: