Read values ​​from remote sensors

i am new to openhab. I have a problem to understand how i can read sensors wich are located miles away. Perhaps i searched for wrong keywords. Google had not the right informations for me.
Can someone tell me, where i can find the desired Informations.
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Hallo an alle!
ich bin ein absoluter Neuling auf dem Raspberry und Openhab.
Bisher habe ich noch nicht verstanden, wie ich Messwerte von Sensoren, die bis zu 30km entfernt sind, auf einem zentralen Display darstellen kann.
Google habe ich wohl mit den falschen Keywords gefüttert. Jedenfalls habe ich noch keine Lösung gefunden.
Kann mir jemand die passenden Suchbegriffe für mein Problem nennen?

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the answer depends on the type off sensor. my first idea is to use mqtt to transmit the data from the sensor to openhab, but this depends on the sensor.

Could you describe the sensor and its capabilities a bit more


Hi Thomas,
thank you for the quick response!

I want to monitor temperature of air, hay. I want to get alarm if in the old buildings is smoke or fire.
Each building gets 1 or 2 IP Cams like mobotix (or cheaper ;-).
At the farm is each building connected with LAN or WLAN the residential building, where KNX and EnOcean components are used.

My Bees are located about 20 miles around the farm. The bees should tell me the weight from and the temperature in the hives. Also i ned to know the climate outside the hives. Each stand needs 1-2 cameras.

All of the knots must view the values and pictures on one big screen.

Am i asking too much?

thank you very much for helping me.

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Hi Bob,

a lot of things to do.

as far as i understand each building at the farm has access to the network. Bases on this you could use equipment that you like. Maybe KNX, but i am not so much in KNX and i do not know the limitations. IP Cams should work with the network.

More tricky is the thing with the bee hives. At the end your solution has to transfer data over the air. So my first idea is to use some GSM Equipment. Maybe with andurino you will find a solution to transmit the data using MQTT Protokoll. Do i understand ist right that at each location of the hives there is more than one hive? Than you habe to build something like a data collector that transfers the data to a central station. Temperature are not the problem, but for the weight of a hive i have no idea at the moment.

Do you need a live picture from the hives or is it more a type of montion detection? Live picture take a lot of bandwidth.

an waht about energy at the hiv stands? Battery?

I would start with the old Buildings and look for some temperatur sensor that send teier information over the network. Next step then the bee hives.

Maybe you should look at


Here is an interesting blog about bee hive monitoring - you might be able to get some ideas from there…

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