Real noob question

Really newbie basic question about needing to use a z-wave stick.

Brand new install. I installed OpenHab 2.0 on my QNAP TS-251 NAS box. Manual install went fine. I don’t know all the right lingo yet, but it has detected and listed the following devices:

Harmony Hub (Primary entertainment system control via IR blaster)
Smartthings ST Hub (Primary z-wave device controller)
Wink Hub (security cam and a few switches)
Philips Hub (a few lights)
Amazon Echo & Dot for voice control

I really need to do some timing control ( If A happens on sensor B, turn on switch C for N seconds, etc) that is not available in the ST system.

Q) Do I need a z-wave stick to set up customized scenarios directly with the ST z-wave devices or can I control them through the current ST hub with OpenHab?


Welcome to OH2.

I’m not an expect myself here, but have learned a lot from the Community. And when I got started with Home Automation stuff, I also had a Wink Hub. But many here will tell you that if you want to get the most out of OH2, you should likely get rid of both your smart things Hub and Wink Hubs, at least regarding Zwave devices.

I moved from a Wink Hub to an Aeotec Gen5 Zwave controller. That one and the controllers are probably the two most popular.

The current main reason for using your own Zwave controller is that currently there is no full binding support for either Wink or ST. A Wink binding is being developed, but again will take some time to get that binding up to speed to control all your zwave bindings

Pretty sure there is no ST binding either.

But if make the change to your own Zwave controller, setting up timing control like your asking shouldn’t be too difficult. OH2 has a very powerful and flexible rule engine to do pretty much anything one can imagine.



Thank you for the info! I have a lot to learn, and this looks like a good place to do just that.

You reply prompts me to ask: What am I missing w/o the “full binding support”? I mean my setup is not all that complicated, but everything works; lights turn on/off, dim, brighten, schedules work, etc.

Another requirement I didn’t mention is my integration of the Amazon Echo/Dot devices for control of all the devices w/o having to have a physical remote control or smartphone glued to my hip…Love it!

So, if ST doesn’t have ‘full binding’, can I still control/monitor all my devices and sensors through OpenHab w/o a stick?