Real time Notification

Hi at all!!
I can’t understand how to send real-time Notification with OpenHAB2.

I need to consume notify in dedicated android app.

I’m reading about websocket but the guide is a very small. After a read about the Action, but i’m confused.

which system should I use?

Very Thanks for help!

My recommendation would be to use the telegram binding which is quite reliable, you get the notification everywhere where you can use Telegram (Android, iOS, Web, …) and you don’t have to bother with websockets.

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Thanks for fast response.

But for Telegram i need to send data on internet.
My rasbberry is connected only in wi-fi / lan without internet.
The android app will connect directly with openHAB entering the ip of the device.


I can’t answer your specific question but I would host an instance on the Cloud Server on my lan and just userthe native Android app

is a good solution, can i run Cloud Server and openHAB on the same raspberry ? or i have security problem?

This machine is isolated from the internet. Are you worried about hacking yourself? There is nothing more or less of a security risk of hosting the cloud server as Houston oh on that machine.

If you don’t have your server, cloud instance and smartphone connected to the internet, push notifications won’t work.
You can still open the app and see the notifications there.

ok, other way, no cloud server (raspberry is offline but connected to gateway with wi-fi, the control app is connected at same gateway).
I need to know if the sensor change status and trigger event in the app. Can i use ‘Subscription to events’ described in REST api? after i need to polling that url or i have a observable?