Really stable version of OH to use in this moment and Raspi 4


For about two years i use OH.
Now 2.4 but it is for me more experimental installation as stable project. It is a little bit dirty with different “tests”)))
Now i want to install on a new raspi a new clean one and setup only things i need.

My setup consist of:

  • oh cloud
  • google assistant integration
  • Mqtt broker
  • zigbee2mqtt dongle and soft for it
  • zwave dongle and binding for it
  • max! Binding
  • Chromecast binding
  • mysql as persistance
  • Arduino with rf as rf signals receiver
  • broadlink with binding for sending rf and ir signals
  • fritzbox binding
  • fritzbox fr64 binding
  • yamaha binding
  • network binding
  • astro binding
  • expire binding
    And some other

So in this case i have a few questions:

  1. Which version is now stable 2.4 or 2.5 good enought?
  2. Is Raspi 4 (4Gb) supported now enought to have less problems or better old one 3+?
  3. Is SSD have no problems on 4 (or 3+). I have heard about boot problems on 4 with SSD.

Thanks for your advises!

2.4 is stable
2.5 is still in releases stage but should have a stable release before the end of the year

No difference. The Pi4 is faster.



Thanks Vincent!
Is it a software (firmware) problem of booting from SSD, dont u know?
I ask because if i get pi4 now, will i be able to upgrade it to ssd when “ssd boot” update will be ready or it will be hardware modified?

It means that i can install same inage of OH on it?

No you need a fresh install
Back up your OH config from Pi3 and restore after installing on Pi4

Not sure. Check google

For a Pi 4 you likely need to connect your Z-Wave & ZigBee USB sticks through a hub to the Pi. Its USB ports have hardware standards issues discovered after release.

I would generally recommend 2.5M4 with plans to move to the 2.5 release at the end of this year. There have been major architectural changes between 2.5M1 & the latest 2.5M4. You should do a fresh install but may be able to import a configuration backup/

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Thanks, Bruce for advice. Will try 2.5m4.

Ohohoh, it looks like pi4 have to many issues(((
This hardware is can not be fixed with update as i understand?

IT will likely be fixed with a hardware refresh. I think, among other things, it tends to detect devices as USB 3 devices when they are not. The hub is a workaround for that issue.

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I personally have not had very many issues with my Pi4 and it has worked great for my setup.

I’m running sort of the same stack (zwave, zigbee, Chromecast etc) on my raspi4 with Openhab 2.5m2 and it works really well, no issues since I migrated from my raspi2 for over a month now. Don’t know anything about ssd boot but that’s interesting so gonna Google that;)

Since you are running a testing version is there any reason you have not upgraded to Milestone 4? Many bugs were fixed between Milestone 2 and 4.

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I’m a bit of a, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it kind of guy;) I thought I was on m2, but apparently still on M1, mainly because I read this issue while I was going to upgrade:

No idea if this is fixed in the meanwhile so I just decided to wait for the 2.5 release instead.

The API docs are working in M4.
I think the location changed after M1. It is under User Interface instead of binding. It might be easiest to uninstall the api docs before upgrading and then install again.

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I have got pi4))) makinf now a new installation of 2.5m4

A question about hub - it must be usb 2.0 or does mot matter, can be also 3.0?

I only know the forums have mentioned a USB 2.0 hub. I guess a 3.0 one MAY work. That depends on whether it passes a USB 2 device as USB 2 or expects the USB 3 Pi 4 to figure it out.

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Hi, Bruce.

As is already mentioned, i have got pi4 and i have setup arduino and zigbee over usb without any hubs and without problems. Maybe because i have revision 1.1.
Maybe i will got this problems later, so how must this issues looks like - that device is not recognised or anything else?

My understanding is that the released version was 1.1. 1.0 must have been for pre-release testing.

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Maybe. But if u habe pi4 also i have to know how this usb issues looks like?
I would like know if i have them also.

My checking indicates it may have something to do with the popular Aeotec Z-Wave USB stick. If you are not using that stick it might not be an issue.