Really Weird Harmony Hub Problem - Repeat switching


Can anyone help me with a weird problem. I have installed the logitech harmony hub and binding on openhab 2 to control a projector and fan. The binding is working and sending signals to my devices. The problem is that it does it multiple times. This isn’t a problem for the projector as it has a separate on and off command but the fan is a toggle so the switch turns it on and off giving a fraction of a second of fan which is unhelpful!! The hub has an option for ‘command repeats’ but this is set to 1.

String Harmony_Projector “Projector Button Press” (All) { channel=“harmonyhub:device:HarmonyHub:42083012:buttonPress” }
String Harmony_Fan “Fan Button Press” (All) { channel=“harmonyhub:device:HarmonyHub:42087666:buttonPress” }
String Harmony_Xbox “Xbox Button Press” (All) { channel=“harmonyhub:device:HarmonyHub:42087536:buttonPress” }

Frame label=“Harmony” {
Switch item=Harmony_Projector label=“Projector” mappings=[“PowerOn”=" ON “,“PowerOff”=” OFF “]
Switch item=Harmony_Fan label=“Fan Power” mappings=[“PowerToggle”=“Power”]
Switch item=Harmony_Fan label=“Fan Mode” mappings=[“FanMode”=” Mode “]
Switch item=Harmony_Fan label=“Fan Speed” mappings=[“FanSpeedUp”=” Speed “]
Switch item=Harmony_Fan label=“Fan Turn” mappings=[“Oscillate”=” Turn "]