Realtime Logs / HOWTO?

I would like to see in realtime the logs
If I hit a lightswitch i want to see in the console this event.
How to do this ?

(sorry I am a beginner)

Alternatively, if you are on a Linux platform, in a terminal window just run this command from within the logs directory

tail -f events.log

Thanks for your quick answer.

I use an raspberry and I access the raspberry through PUTTY (on a WN10 client)

I cannot open the realtime-logging as it is described in the link you have posted.

That’s odd.

Nevertheless, in your PUTTY window, change to the logs directory (location depends on how you installed openHAB, see link above). You should see a number of files in this directory, such as openhab.log, events.log, audit.log, etc.

Once in that directory, run

tail -f events.log

This will show you state changes as they occur for all your items. I think this is what you’re looking for.