Rebooting Rule

Hallo i have Raspberry 3 and 4.

I would like to create a rule to have the system reboot
every day at 3 am.
I saw some examples but seems to be very complicated.
Can i write a simple rule?

Wrong label :wink:

Why would you do the reboot?

If you know how to use the Linux cron program (assuming your hardware is running a Linux OS) and crontab, it s quite easy, but off-topic for this forum.
Even if you have a different OS, it is still not related to OpenHAB.

Try asking on a Raspberry Pi forum or one for your chosen OS.

Because, I don’t understand the reason but persistence sometimes crashes and doesn’t register. I have to reset to allow restarting the recording

No i want to do it in a openhab rule

I’ve you insists on doing it with OpenHAB then have a look at this: EXEC Binding

IMHO it’s easier (and maybe better) if you let the OS handle it with eg crontab.

Or even better, try to find out why the persistence crashes. And we’re willing to help you, but you must give us more information about you’re platform etc.

That is sort if like using a hammer to insert a screw when there is a perfectly capable screwdriver lying there.

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Sorry to tell but that’s a completely wrong approach to solving your problem.
Increase debugging of OH and your DB and open another thread here if you don’t manage to find the reason on your own. If all else fails replace your persistence DB by another method, but rebooting is the worst thing you can do.
Yeah it’s a pretty common question we keep getting about once every fortnight, but that does not make it a valid request.
But people here (incl. me) will do actually do you a favor by not telling you how to auto-boot, forcing you to go after the real problem.

Ok. You are right!!! :wink:
Next time i will have the problem i will see log then will write here