Rebuild Items in mysql?


I went and deleted all the rows from the Items table in mysql. :frowning:
No, no backup… sad-lol

OH is happily inserting data into the correct tables - I guess it’s already got an index of what is where.
Is there a way I can get a list of that index? I can then rebuild what the Items table should look like.

While it’s not critical, I don’t really want to lose the history.

If my memory serves me right. I haven’t used SQL for a while with OH
The first table contains a list of the items and a table:
MyItem Table1
MyOtherItem Table2

Yup, there is a main table, Items, which hold the list of Item names and the ID. That correlates to the Item table with the ID. I’ve gone and turfed that…

I’m hoping there is a way I can recover that from what OH has already loaded and running in memory.

I’m not hopeful though… :frowning: