Rebuild zwave mesh network

I have 16 node in my network on two floor.
The node 9 is on the first floor (the controller is on ground floor) and frequently do not answer.
With habmin I see this graphics:

Why node 9 is directly connected with node 1 but not with near node?
The node 8 and node 10 is about at 2 meter from node 9.
It is possible to rebuild the network?
I can see the signal power on node?
is it right the graph in habmin?

Which verison of OH are you running? I believe the network graph is broken since at least 2.0. I don’t know if chris has created the fixes for this yet. In short, the graph cannot be trusted.

Are nodes 8, 9, or 10 battery powered? Battery powered devices do not relay message traffic from neighbors to save power.

I don’t think so. It is self-assembling if I understand correctly. A Heal may help but I think that might be broken in HABmin too.

You might need to install some other zwave software (e.g. openzwave or the product from Aeontech) to run a heal and debug your network.

I’ve had some great luck using Zensys Zwave Controller application - it’s a free download that allows you to update each nodes neighbors plus it has some great other options like Network inclusion which has worked great for me.

You can download the Zensys tools from the following link:

Just note, you need to shut OH down and then connect Zensys - once complete you need to shutdown Zensys and then reopen OH.

Hope this helps!


That’s the one I couldn’t remember the name of. Thanks!

Is there a Linux version or just Windows? I couldn’t find a “main page”.

now I use OH2.
In the advanced configuration node on Habmin I have found the option “Reinitialize device”.
I have press it and the network now is

and the node works fine.
Only one question: in the node list on Habmin, node 9 has string “Node initialising: STATIC_VALUES”…

Is it necessary re inizialising all node?

I have download the tools and it is for Windows.

The mesh update commands are available in OH1, and in the latest development binding for OH2, but not the current OH2 master. The graph itself correctly reflects the neighbour information that the nodes provide so this isn’t a problem - it’s the neighbour information that is not updated.

@chris I have OH2.2 test (Same for 2.1 stable) installed, but im find the unable mesh command ( And graph is showing that only my controler has neighbour information)

@KidSquid : I have same issues and test the Zensys Zwave Controller application.
When I try the neighbour update, after 8-10 seconds i get the message: “request neighbour update failed”.
Any idea, or could you please tell me how do you did the neighbour update ?
thanks :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I have a z-wave network of 14 device all battery powered, and I see only the connection with the controller.

I also have two devece that are out of the range of the controller.
I have to buy a range extender ?
If I add a non battery pwered device this will route the message from my battery powered device ?

Bye Mirko

Battery powered devices cannot relay messages from their neighbors. It would kill their battery too fast. Only mains powered zwave devices can relay messages. So battery powered devices either need to be in range of the controller or in range of a mains powered device in the network.

So yes, to extend the range you need to add one or more mains powered devices to the network.

I have added two powered zwave items and they are working, but I can’t see any connection between powered device and battery powered.
If you look at items 16 and 17 they are powered and 18 and 19 are battery.

I have to enable the relay messages some way ?


To my understanding of the habmin z-wave network graphic, all devices with red circle are battery devices. Blue are powered devices.
You graphic detail show, that your devices 16 and 17 are not accociated, or it looks that way. Maybe thats the reason why the battery devices does not MESH with them.

All my items works also 16, 17 18 and 19.
I have associated battery powered items (18,19) near my zwave dongle and than move them in their location that is near powered items (16 and 17).

Which version of the zwave binding? You’ll need to be on milestone build M4 or a snapshot to have heal functionality. If you are using one of these, kick off a heal for the devices. Or check again in 24h, since the heal will run daily, by default, for all devices.

I’m using openHab 2.3, but I don’t know the version of zwave binding.

Binding versions follow the OH versions. So you have the 1.3 version of the binding.

The easiest thing will be to upgrade your OH to the latest milestone (M4) and then follow the instructions here.

Rich answered, but just FYI… you can check the version of the binding in the Karaf console with…

list -s |grep zwave

Also, the Habmin topology map has nothing to do with the mesh, and only shows what devices a device has reported as a neighbor. The mesh routing table is internal to the controller. Other software can supposedly read it, like Zensys Tools, but I have my doubts that it displays anything different than what you see in Habmin, especially if you haven’t set any static routes.