Receiving acutal status informations from Fibaro Smoke Sensor


my system received only the first values from my Fibaro Z-Wave Node 2: FGSD002 Smoke Detector after a restart from my system with reinitialization of the sensor.

My settings are the default settings of the manufacturer.

  • 20: Temperature report interval = 1 (this means 10 seconds)
  • 21: Temperature report hysteresis = 10 (this means 1 degree)

My idea is to receive the acutal temperature from the sensor every minute and persist the value. But at this time the value would not change. Nothing happend. Persist of the same value every minute works fine.

When I try to change this parameters via PaperUI and save them nothing happend too.

Are there some ideas what the reason of this failure could be?

Thanks for hints

I would first check that associations are configured appropriately as the device will not report unless some associations are set. Take a look at the manual to see what should be configured.

It looks like the database should automatically configure group 1, so I would check that this is set. I would suggest to use HABmin though as I dont think PaperUI is properly setting multiselect controls.

First, I would suggest to install HABmin to control your zwave devices. It’s a nice tool created by chris (the guy who also made the zwave binding) and much more powerful than PaperUI (at least regarding zwave devices).

When you change properties of zwave devices (for example the report interval), the new setting is not active straight away. It will be transferred to the device the next time the device wakes up. This could take some hours, depending on the device.

I would also suggest not to receive the value every minute. If it has to be every minute, the device therefore has to wake up every minute. This would be very battery draining! You can minimize your hysteresis a little (probably to 5, mine is set to 3), so that little changes will be reported).

And the sensor report interval hasn’t to be the same as the persistence. If you persist “everyMinute” (and not “everyChange”), you will get a nice and quite realistic chart.

This is how I do it (with rrd4j).

Thanks for the answers.
I’ve got still installed Habmin. There I’ve changed my stettinigs like that:

  • 20: Temperature report interval = 18 (this means 180 seconds)
  • 21: Temperature report hysteresis = 1 (this means 0.1 degree)

In my persist file I changed it to “everyChange” and set the Association Groups of all alarms to my OpenHab Controller. node_1_0

But nothing takes effect. OpenHab2 does not get new information about the temperature.
Any new ideas?


Don’t you get the temperature persisted or don’t you get any temperature from the device?

And what’s about the other device data? Do you get the battery status, the smoke or fire status?

Try to wake up the device manually (three short press of the middle button). The device only sends data when it wakes up regularly or when you wake it up manually. Or when the threshold according to parameter 20/21 was reached.

If nothing works, make a debug log and upload it here so that we can have a look. Or you can upload it yourself to chris’ zwave log viewer (

And you can post a screenshot of your habmin configuration parameters, then we can check this too.

As I said, I am using exactly this device with OH2 and it works very well.

Thanks for this new information.

I’ve uploaded the event.log and openhab.log to you (I changed the extention from .log to .xml to have a chance to upload it hier]. When I try to open to .log with your link, nothing happend. Also I can’t open the logfiles in the HABmin. What is the trick to get the well sortet view of the logfiles?

openhab [1].xml (9.2 KB)
events [1].xml (63.2 KB)

The screenshots form HABmin are also included.

The sensor wakes up when I wake up the device manually (three short press of the middle button) after I’ve restarted my openhab2 system. I also wakes up and sends data when I push the button in the middle only one time. But it never sends new data without my manual push on the device.
When it sends data the data will always stored in my mysql database. This works fine.

Thanks in advance.

When I use the HABmin to change the configuration of my smoke senor it does not work as I expected. Yesterday I’ve changed the values of config parameter 20 and 21. But today it is switched back to manufacturer default. So my wakeup interval value is now 21600 seconds (default).
Now I’ve changed them back to:

  • 20: Temperature report interval = 18 (this means 180 seconds)
  • 21: Temperature report hysteresis = 1 (this means 0.1 degree)
    wake up Interval = 120 seconds
    With the push button on the smoke sensor I’ve accepted the new values. After reloading the HABMin site the wake up interval is still back at 21600.

This is my last event.log file - the last status lines are about my configuration change
events [1].xml (131.8 KB)

When I try to open my event.log or openhab.log there I get only a empty sheet. I’ve uploaded the orignal files there. Nothing happend.

It won’t accept the event log - it’s just looking for the zwave info in the openhab log.

I just checked - your log has no debug information in it, so the viewer won’t display anything.

There are several temperature reports in your event log, for example:

2016-12-10 11:29:19.260 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - zwave_device_34fd5856_node2_sensor_temperature changed from 18.9 to 19.7

So the sensor itself seems to work. I can’t see if this event happened because of the regular wake up or because of a wake up by you.

When the device doesn’t accept your changes concerning the wake up interval, it uses the default. That’s 21600 seconds. So it only reports values every 6 hours! Have you waited so long?

And there is absolutely NO need to shorten the wake up period to 180 seconds! Why do you need that? That’s extremely battery draining. If the temperature is changing, the sensor reports the change regardless of the wake up interval (at least if the thresholds are reached). So if the temperature changed to 16°C and 5 minutes later back to 17°C, the sensor will report the change.

So my advice: Go back to default values. Let the sensor act normally for a day and see, which values get reported. You can force reports by changing the temperature near the sensor (hairdryer, radiator?).

Furthermore: I’ve seen that two of your channels (temperature and battery) are linked to two items respectively. Was that intentionally? Maybe one link was because you activated the simple mode in PaperUI? And the other one was linked through an item file?

This has nothing to do with the fact if the device works properly. But it can be confusing when using the items in your sitemap (and your persistence).

Thanks for the last answers.

I enabled the debug mode in karaf and send you my last openhab.log file.I can not open it with the viewer.

openhab [1].xml (998.1 KB)

My need for a short period is to have a chance to react. I want to use the sensor of the temperature to heat up the room. Or to control the temperature. It makes no sense for me to get the actual temperatur every 6 hours. It’s to late to react.

You are right. The first item of the temperature was from the activation in paperUI, the second is from the item file. The last one is the item for my persist on mysql.


In my last try today I started with zwave logging. After that I changed the wakeup interval to 600 seconds. At the first time I wrote 600, the second time I wrote 00600. This is the result. My change and save with manualy pushing the button on the sensor have no effect.

There is still no debug logging from zwave - sorry.

It might be that this device has a minimum time limit of 21600 seconds (I’m not sure). This isn’t uncommon for devices to have quite high settings. The wakeup interval is not related to how often data is sent from the device - it impacts how often you can control the device.

I will update the viewer to display the SET period.

Please can you send the latest log you have. Also, can you attach the node2.xml file from the /userdata/zwave folder please.

Ok. My failure
Available settings: 0, 4200 - 65535 (4200s – 65535s)
Default setting: 21600 (21600s = 6h)
Setting to 0 disables sending Wake Up Notification frame. Wake
up may be still performed manually by a single B-button click or by
! sending Node Info frame (triple click the B-button).

So the minimum is every 70 minutes. Is it right that the sensor would only send the next temperature after the next 70 minutes. When there are temperature changes within this time period is would not be reported. Right?

But fire alarms will be reportet. Right?

I’m a little bit confused about this long time period.

I’m not sure I understand you, but this setting will not impact any reports from the device. The wakeup interval is not related to how often data is sent FROM the device - it impacts how often you can send TO the device.

Can you provide the log and the XML please?