Receiving message when Google Home wakes up


Do you know if it is any possibility to receive information when my Google Home speaker is waking up ( so when I say ‘Hey google’)
When chromecast is in use then automatically after GH wakes up sound is muted (al almost muted). Unfortunatelly I have not-smart TV but using harmony hub I am able to manage it.

What I wanted to achieve is to receive information when GH wakes up and then run rule to mute my non-smart TV and of course unmute when GH is not listening.


Good icloud question. After seeing this made me think twice about it and google classroom now i am curious about it. Hope someone has answers.


That’s a good question and maybe would be a great feature to have for me as well, because my Google Home is close to the TV. However, we also have to receive when you finish talking to unmute the TV.

Exactly, we would need info when GH wakes up and when goes to sleep (or active/inactive, whatever) it would be enough.
So as you said, it is impossible for now to configure it and new feature is needed? Can’t we configure GH as things and then come action as items?