Recent updates to Lutron binding

Hi Lutron users. There have been some new features added to the Lutron binding recently:

In 2.5.7:

  • The discovery representation properties were fixed, so now Lutron things that are manually configured should be automatically ignored in the discovery inbox.

In 2.5.8-SNAPSHOT:

  • System state variable support has been added for HomeWorks QS systems. This takes the form of a new sysvar thing, which allows system state variables to be read and set from openHAB. The sysvar thing is currently marked as experimental, because it has not been extensively tested. I would appreciate it if anyone using it could report back on their experience. I would also appreciate examples of configuration XML files from HomeWorks QS systems using state variables, so that I can hopefully update discovery to configure them automatically.

  • A setLevel(level, fadeTime, delayTime) thing action has been added to the dimmer thing. This allows you to send a dimmer output level command with associated fade and delay times from automation rules. The fade time is the amount of time (in seconds) that the dimmer will take to transition to the new level, and the delay time is the time before it will start to transition. This can be used to create complex scene transitions, to slowly ramp lights at dusk, etc. See the file for details.

  • There has been a change to contact closure output (CCO) configuration. The ccopulsed and ccomaintained things are now deprecated. These should be replaced in existing configurations by the cco thing, with the outputType parameter set to "Pulsed" or "Maintained", respectively. Discovery will now do this automatically for new configurations. Functionality will be exactly the same as before. Note these are used only on HomeWorks QS and RadioRA 2 systems.

As usual, please mention here in the forum or in a github issue if you run in to any problems, or if you have devices/features for which you would like to see support added. Also, if you use a feature that is marked as “experimental” in the binding docs, please mention it here. Once I know that enough people have successfully used an experimental feature, I can remove the experimental designation.

Another PR was recently merged for the Lutron binding. This update adds two new configuration parameters to the dimmer thing:

  • The onLevel parameter specifies the level to which the dimmer will go when sent an ON command. It defaults to 100.
  • The onToLast parameter is a boolean that defaults to false. If set to “true”, the dimmer will go to its last non-zero level when sent an ON command. If the last non-zero level cannot be determined, the value of onLevel will be used instead.

If these parameters are left at their defaults, there will be no change in behavior from the current dimmer handler.

This functionality is available now in 2.5.8-SNAPSHOT.