Recently I posted a question with the title: "Is this application all in java?" and was banned

Hello rlkoshak,

Thank you for your reply.

Darn you dissected me there.

I agree the post was not polite. I am sorry for that. I was actually coming to smooth things over, then I tried to login in and received the following message: “Account suspended until February 19, 3021: Trolling”. That is not a short period of time =D

My main experience in java was developing for embed apps. Several years. I did some stuff outside it, specially for internal apps for banks, some descent money in there. I dropped the career, became a
organic farmer and have and industry that process fruits. But still a developer, always. I do some good stuff here and there. My farms are all automated, my production line, unique.

OpenHab is nice. Sweet interface, well documented, a lot of hard work from a lot of people there. Being very clear about my evil intentions with OpenHab, I developed a system to help M2M communicate better through LORA within the payload and I needed a nice interface to do reporting on the exchanges and in my farms there are no reliable internet to use cloud. So I was looking for something almost ready in UI and other that would talk MQTT or other so it would be somewhat easier to implement. So I tried to look for the scripts, after several hours reading your docs on the website - I never went to GitHub before to check there, my mistake, it would have been clear then, usually is PHP/C/C++/Python/Perl/Javascript, then boom: JAVA. I was so frustrated that I wrote the post.

Again sorry for my rudeness, please unban me. Even with organic feeding I do not see myself living until 3021.

Rom Pereira

Hello mhilbush,

Thank you for your reply.

I do agree, I wanted to explain and get unbanned.

Sorry for the mess.


I banned you due to user complaints about trolling. With 2min reading time of your account and just a single post that was just virtual peeing on our sofa as Gaël said nicely and an absolute waste of time to any reader, I agreed.
That’s trolling indeed and your post does not belong into off-topic or anywhere else but the trashbin.

Then I’m sorry to say but that was about one of the worst openings to a proper discussion I’ve ever seen.
Ok so here’s your 2nd chance.
I removed your ban but I expect you to read, inhale and follow the community guidelines from now on.
The IMHO most important one is not to waste anyone’s time.


Can we all agree to close this thread to prevent it from coming back like a zombie every time a new user happens upon it? I’ll wait a couple hours and then close it unless someone speaks up.


Hello mstormi,

Thank you for your explanation.

I will read and use it.

Sorry for the mess,

Rom Pereira