Recommend a modem for caller ID

Having a bit of a headache getting a working modem in my openHAB 3 server. It’s an old Intel Atom D510 running the latest version of Debian x64, migrated from Windows XP.

The existing PCI modem (Zoom 3025) that worked on Window is unsupported. So I got another PCI modem (SmartLink WS-5614PMSG), it did have drivers but for 32bit only. I then got a PCI hardware modem (PlusCom 56K-PCI), expecting it to be assigned a com port, but no luck.

I was really after a PCI modem, as it would be integrated and not have another box hanging out the back of the server, but at this point, I have started also looking at the small more modem USB modems.

Is anyone in the UK using caller id successfully running 64bit buster and can recommend a modem?

Thanks for reading.

If anyone is in the same boat, i would highly recommend the USRobotics 5637. I plugged it in and it just worked!!

It’s now working great with NCID with the information below