Recommend powered PIR/Microwave motion sensor (not battery)?


Anyone come across a smart PIR/Microwave motion sensor that is powered? This is for security and I only need a short range in this application.

Preferably WiFi and not tethered to a proprietary hub / cloud service. This is for indoors atm.

I can only find smart battery ones or dumb mains ones. Even better if PoE powered. Reliable branded, rather than no-name, would be good.

TIA, Alan

PoE would be great, however most of the PIR’s seem to run on 1.5/3Volts and PoE doesn’t usually go down that low. If I recall PoE switches are either 12/48Volts.

I wonder if it’s worth looking on ebay for a secondhand propriety system and see how they power them from the main panel. If your any good with electronics there maybe something you could retro fit the power delivery to Smart PIR’s.

Thanks for the ideas :slight_smile:

Even though (maybe because) I’m a professional hardware & software guy - I would prefer, if possible, an off-the-shelf solution :slight_smile:

I’m currently checking out Envisalink and Konnected plus dumb mains sensors atm.


Many Z-Wave PIR sensors can be powered by USB if USB powered when first included into the network. What country are you located in Z-Wave offerings differ by world region.

I do not understand what you mean by microwave.

What do you mean by a “smart” sensor? People here use OH to provide the smart logic for their home system.

Hey Bruce,

Thanks for your input. V. interesting, I’ll check out the Z-Wave sensors. I’m in UK btw.

I do not understand what you mean by microwave.

There’s some motion sensors e.g.

… that use microwave detection as well as / instead of infrared. Meant to be more reliable in some cases.

What do you mean by a “smart” sensor?

Good point, the same sensor I linked to above just has a normally-closed relay switch output for integration into other systems. Sometimes called a ‘zero-volt’ connection. I think this is common for many ‘commercial’ motion sensors. By smart, I was really thinking of some element of ethernet / wifi / zwave / zigbee comms talking to some kind of service / app somewhere. That might be e.g. HAB directly (good) / IFTTT (OK) / proprietary cloud (less good). Unfortunately the ‘smart’ sensors are nearly all battery - presumably the designers think that’s what non-commercial consumers want.


Are you afeared of spurious detections, or missing one? The dual-tech pir/mwave sensors are geared more towards avoiding false alarms, rather than offering extra sensitivity. Makes a good combination though, PIR likes to see movement across the field of view, mwave towards/away.

@chris may have some ideas for the UK since is he our zwave dev and lived there until recently.

Are you afeared of spurious detections, or missing one?

Ah, spurious ones.

Well this is starting to be hard work :slight_smile:

OK I’m heading towards Honeywell DT8012F5 dumb sensors / Konnected Alarm board.

Then I think there are two options:

(1) Konnected Alarm board → Konnected Cloud → HAB
(2) ESPHome running on Konnected Alarm board → local MQTT → HAB

The 1st is cloud-based, the 2nd not.

Hard work though…

The Konnected Pro btw handles ethernet and PoE while the standard one is WiFi but I think can be powered by USB 5V.