Recommendation: carbon monoxide sensor for openHAB?

As my daughter would like to live in the cellar now, which is located directly next to our heating room, I’d like to have some sensors for lethal gases like carbon monoxide or perhaps even gas link sensor (the main heating is powered by gas - you’ll never know). Perhaps even Carbon dioxide?

Is there some decent hardware for this, which I can integrate in openHAB2 - best would be with indication of the concentration of the various gases to get a curve and see how it develops…? I’ve read about some Fibaro Z-Waves… but I don’t have Z-Wave at present, so what I’m open for is:

  • direct integration via USB/Wifi/…
  • KNX
  • Homematic
  • onewire
  • whatever is easy to integrate and doesn’t need another gateway to maintain :wink:

If you can/will do it yourself MySensors offers a build for a huge amount of gas sensors:

MySensors is integrated via a Binding. The easiest way is to use an ESP-8622 (I have used the NodeMCU 12E), it contains Wifi. all you have to do is to find a housing, do a little programming of the ESP8622 (most of it could be found at the above link).

I could do that, yes - but after all, that’s a life saving device and I’d like to rely on certified hardware…



I have a bunch of Fibaro devices, great devices. If you are willing to pay for a Fibaro sensor, you could considder bying a UZB stick. It works great with the ZWave binding and is inexpensive (25€ approx. is inexpensive when talking Z-Wave)

Yes I saw that Z-Wave wasn’t in the list of supported technologies…


hmmm. that would be ok, if I don’t need a full blown gateway.

Do the devices send the actual concentration of CO, so I can Display some graphs on it? And whats the backside of having a USB-Stick vs. a Gateway?

The USB stick is the gateway (eg the ZWave controller), mine runs on a Raspberry Pi 3. The problem in ZWave is battery devices, only powered devices works as relay for other devices. Depending on how your house is constructed you might have an issue with ZWave and basement. Since ZWave is radio operated, you should considder if you have issues with your Wifi. Most often thoose problems is easily solved at the cost of a powered ZWave device.
I don’t know with it reports, Fibaro use to have something close to a decent manual…
Graphing is done via Persisting and Grafana (Believe there is a tutorial somewhere in the community)

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Which could be found here

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My OH2-Server actually is based in the basement. But as I only need Zwave in the basement only, it should work out.

Ok thanks! - I just Need a regular sended CO concentration - and judging from the manua, I think, the device does exactly that (and not only sends ALARM).

If you don’t have any think concrete walls in the basement you should be allright.
be aware that Fibaro’s ZWave device can’t be firmware updated with this controller.

Can I manually update them somehow, or do I need a full-blown gateway for that? :wink:

I think you need the Fibaro HomeCenter for that. And you will also have to exclude them from the ZWave network Include them in the HomeCenter network and back again. If it is important to allow firmware updates, I don’t think ZWave under openHAB will support that for Fibaro (First it needs to be supported in openHAB, and Fibaro needs to release their firmware updates to the public).

Personally it is not a problem for me, considdered I save a lot of money, and I am running openHAB :-).

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Ok. Thanks for your patience! I’ll think about it. Just to add some CO sensors, I’m afraid the business value isn’t enough for me! :wink:

ZWave is an expensive friend…

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Are there any new devices besides fibaro meanwhile?
Or should we wait for the upcoming CES?


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I’m still looking! :wink:
I bought some standalone sensors - they’ll alert the people in the room/basement at least!

if there’s some new sensors or solutions apart from zwave….

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I have:

  1. ZigBee (with HUE bridge)
  2. Z-Wave (with USB-Stick)
  3. Aqara Hub

I found these three smoke detectors - see below.
Is one of them working well with openhab2?


Nobody? :thinking: