Recommendation for a pulse counter with Modbus TCP

Now when rossko57 has introduced Modbus TCP world to me I would like to replace my rs232 controller (with S0 pulse counters) with a Modbus TCP device. I have 5 meters with S0 pulse output. With Google I have found mainly MB RTU devices so I’m wondering whether anyone has MB TCP device for pulse counting.

With a Modbus smart meter you can read the values directly.
Why would you then still want pulse counting ?
If you want to read your existing S0 device outputs (i.e. flashes) you can use any optical sensor, it does not have to be a modbus device but can be from any technology that OH supports.

I have electricity, energy and water meter which have S0 pulse output. In addition to this I have simple electricity meters for my heat pumps with S0 output (but no LED). My electricity meter is a smart meter but my electricity provider doesn’t allow me to connect to the meter e.g. with Modbus so they have provided a cable for pulse counting. So, only way to read these meters is to use a pulse counter.

Industrial/generic I/O devices are usually serial. If TCP is needed, gateways are available to run a number of serial devices from one ethernet port.

Full featured I/O modules like ‘Adam’ brand usually provide onboard pulse counting.

OK, thanks. I know Adam (Advantech) brand so I’ll have a look at their devices.

Keep in mind that in case of media which can be used while electricity is off (water & gas, till some degree) you will miss some of pulses if you do not have backup battery for RS485 counter when power outage happens. :wink:

As an alternative to Modbus I can tell you that I have Relay PadPuls with WM-Bus binding. Note that binding is currently stuck at OH 3.0 or 3.1 and requires rather expensive USB receiver (~80-100€) to work. Also padpuls accepts up to two inputs, so you would need second item to cover all your meters.

I have been very happy with MOXA Ethernet IO modules. Those can be had for a reasonable cost on Ebay and are quite feature full. E1210 should be a suitable model for you with 16 DIs.

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I have been using Moxa Nport and Mgate converters but I didn’t know that E1210 can be used for pulse counting. Can you confirm that it works with S0 pulses? Łukasz discussed about possible power outages so have you had any issues with pulse counting and power outages? I had a quick look at Ebay and there were quite a few E1210 boxes.

OK, thanks.

I think that shell be no problem. I am using it to count water meter pulses at home, and at work we have used them to count DIN modular energy meter pulses… The counter supports 250Hz.



OK, many thanks for the info.