Recommendation for a stand alone temperature and humidity sensor

Hi all
I’m searching for temp. and humidity sensor that works as stand alone and it could be integrated in my zwave network.
By now I tried for a few weeks to get a ds18b20 connected to a fgk101 but it doesn’t seems to work at all! I tried everything possible to exclude, include, reset several times but no… there’s no way to get the temp or the battery status of this old fgk101 fibaro s sensor!!

So I would like to ask you what temp and humidity sensors are you using but I don’t want non of the mqtt or cheep sensors I just want a zwave stand alone sensor that will inform me every minute about the temperature and humidity in the room.

Thanks and happy new year all!

You need to tell us where you are located then. There are several worldwide Z-Wave regions and devices are not compatible across regions.

IIRC that fgk has a potential free analog input, so you cannot attach 1wire sensors (DS18B20).

Check out the Aeotec multisensor 6.

Thanks for the answers,
@Bruce_Osborne the area is south east Central Europe but it doesn’t matter, I can order anything from amazon or similar sites or even I can find it here.
@mstormi I saw this sensor but it has to many functions, I just need temp and humidity . Why you say the fgk cannot be connected to ds18b20? I’ve read a lot of comments here where people managed to display the temp using this configuration.
What about this Bluetooth sensor I want something like this: to display the temp and humidity on its small screen and to be integrated somehow in the zwave network.

So what? Place it where you can make use of those (such as motion and lux detection).

See my response: If I Recall Correctly there was an older FGK to have an analogue input.
That changed in newer versions (so nowadays you can attach a DS18B20) but you wrote about having an “old” fgk and that it didn’t work there so I suspected it’s the older generation one.

Heavens, no. Forget about Bluetooth.

There’s nothing like this. Forget about the display (who needs that anyway?) or go DIY.

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It matters because any Z-Wave devices suggest designed for US, Canada, and Mexico would not function for you due to the different frequencies used in each region.

Actually the sensor is not so old, I bought it a few years ago and I’m paper ui it has info about temperature and using the create items from thing it also create an temperature item so the sensor I talking about has the temperature option using this ds18b20 sensor but I can’t set it up and that’s why I’m looking for some other ways to get these info.
Previously I used to use an dht11 with arduino and mqtt but I dont want to go that way, I just need a simple temp and humidity sensor with batteries and that’s it. I thought if it had a small display would be more comfortable to get this info in case you need it (eg. see the humidity on the wall and if it’s to high start the dehumidifier which is electronic but it’s not integrated in the network) instead of opening the app on the phone or notebook.

The whole point about home automation is automation.
So put your dehumidifier on a simple switchable socket.and write a rule to auto-start it whenever appropriate.

Hi all,
What about the ST814 sensor from Everspring? If there is someone who have this kind of sensor could tell us if is ok or not? I saw a video of a guy who couldn’t pair it with Aeon gen 5 stick and also as far as I understood it is not so accurate in measuring the temp and the humidity.
Thanks in advance.

I have 8 of these with 7 of them on mains and they work very well. I’ve had them up for over a year now.

Best, Jay

If you are in the US, this one is cheaper and they help us get their devices supported on OH.

Thanks for answers. The zooz are nice and cheaper than other similar sensors but unfortunately they can’t be found in Europe and I decided and bought already the zw100 from aeotec.
Was kind of hardy to add them to my network but finally I made it and now I have two brand new multi sensors 6 in my network.
Thanks for advices, this topic can be closed if no one has any question about the subject.

I have a Cyrus multisensor that I got because it was a bargain and it looks exectly the same as those ZooZ. Didn’t know it can do humidity, too, until I just looked that up, yes it can. So it’s probably the same with another brand name.

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And different Z-Wave frequency, obviously. Zooz sells to US and Canada only.

Hello, I started a new topic to get feedback from the community on what is a good working solution for stand alone environment sensor (temperature, humidity, etc)

It needs to be able to log data

What combination of sensors, OH binding, GW/hardware are YOU using?
for what price?
do you regret your choice ?