Recommendation for flush-mounted dimmer

(Johannes Gedicke) #1

Hello guys,
I am looking for a flush-mounted dimmer.
I don’t want to have “smart bulbs” which are pricey and since I don’t need to change color or temperature of the bulbs it would be a waste or money in my eyes.

Does anyone have some recommendations for that?

Thanks in advance.

(Crispin) #2

You don’t say where you live. There are many options. Sonoff, lightwaverf zwave etc etc. Different ones worked for different uses.

(Johannes Gedicke) #3

Sorry, totally forgot that.
I am from Germany so I’d need something “European” expect UK (because of the size of the switch).
I checked out sonoff, but they don’t have a dimmer, just regular switches.

(Markus Storm) #4

Check out Fibaro FGD-212 or the Qubino Flush Dimmer (both ZWave). There’s no WiFi device I’m aware of.

(Johannes Gedicke) #5

The Fibaro looks excellent. But I found a lot of posts indicating that there are problems with the dimmer and openHAB. Do you use one of those?

(Markus Storm) #6

Sure, and many others do. Don’t know as well of those problem reports you mention. There have been some problems with scene activation but dimming has been working fine ever.

(Johannes Gedicke) #7

Is the setup of ZWave “easy”? I am still very new to openHAB, so far all is working good, but the documentation on the Fibaro Dimmer 2 is not as easy as other documentations. Can you show me the items you set up for the dimmer?

(Markus Storm) #8

Life is never easy. Read the docs and search the forum please to understand ZWave please before you move on. There’s many examples available.