Recommendation for light switch and receptacle in living room

Hi all,
I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere but I could not find a relevant post. I recently purchased an Aeotec z-stick and GE zwave receptacle to begin with and learn to control with OpenHAB. I am planning to purchase additional devices but have an issue that I hope zwave can fix.

In my living room we have 2 outlets (receptacles) that are controlled by a switch. That is great for turning lights on/off but we would like to be able to use the receptacles without having to manually turn the lights off. For example, charge an ipad in the middle of the day when lights are not needed. So could I bypass the light switch creating an “always on” circuit. Then install 2 zwave outlets (most zwave outlets have 1 zwave controlled receptacle and 1 always on receptacle) that can be controlled with a zwave switch? How could I do this? Is this the best solution? How would I wire the switch and which kind of switch (standard zwave switch or accessory switch)?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or guidance!