Recommendation for scripting language

I am trying to make my way from file based DSL rules to the new UI based rules (OH3) and need to create a few scripts. While I am somewhat familiar with basic programming concepts, I am no expert in any. So, after some time with javascript, I am a little confused by some errors that I received from the GRALVM and switching to Nashorn has only revealed that apparently some basic constructs (e.g., const and let) are not implemented. This adds of course to my confusion, and I have to learn the details of whichever scripting language anyway, I was wondering what the recommendations are in this regard. Should I rather invest my time in jython? jruby? other? I understand that a lot is personal taste and what one is used to, but are there some that emerge in the community as favorites (e.g., jython?) Any feedback would be appreciated. I am running OH3 (latest and greatest) on a rather decent VM, so am not worried about resources or speed atm. As an example of a rule that I believe requires a script: I want Alexa to read out a randomly selected string (out of several that are stored in the rule/script) based on specific triggers. I can see how I can use the triggers available, but the string selection needs a script (at least as far as I know now).

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